Syndication Property Group works with individual land owners, the government and private investment to build thriving, sustainable communities in picturesque locations.


At Syndication Property Group, our aim is to provide high value returns to investors by identifying projects that offer unique marketability.

We carefully consider the feasibility of all our projects and we have demonstrated expertise in packaging investment as secure, low risk opportunities.


There is continuing demand for quality housing in Australia, particularly in the high growth corridors on the fringes of our major cities.

Our development sites are carefully selected and designed to complement and protect the surrounding natural environment, offering residents more space and tranquillity within premium gated communities.


We are now commencing development projects that feature solar farms. This offers outstanding benefits to the local community by introducing renewable energy infrastructure for its long-term sustainability, reducing electricity costs and assisting government to meet its renewable energy targets.

At Syndication Property Group, our business model enables us to achieve this efficiently.

and Land

Developing land for housing comes at a cost to the natural environment. Our rural residential developments always feature conservation areas to support and protect local biodiversity as well as community parkland open for recreation.

An ongoing part of our business incorporates land management of conservation areas. In NSW, we are actively engaged with the government’s bio-banking initiative. This involves procuring and managing land containing significant ecological areas and ensuring their protection. This activity is serviced by the sale of bio-banking credits.