Established in 2002.

Syndication Property Group began as a project services consultancy for property development companies.

We built up well-regarded industry expertise in negotiating financial and contractual agreements, and supporting property development outcomes through effective sales and marketing strategies.

As the demand for the development of land for housing continued to grow, we realised that too often this development comes at a cost to the environment. Syndication Property Group evolved into a fully integrated property development company with a focus on sustainability.

Our Board

Our board brings a diverse range of skills and experience to the table – our people are key to Syndication Property Group’s success.

Benjamin has been the director of Syndication Capital Group for the past 14 years, undertaking executive consulting roles on major building and development projects. He has extensive experience supporting and delivering end-to-end requirements of projects valued up to $100 million.

He has managed the financing of projects ranging from $5 million to $224 million, as well as the finance of all facets of major developmental projects. Benjamin is also well versed in the marketing, sales and legal aspects of large building and development projects.

John acts as chairman and director of a variety of organisations, including CIC Australia (the national listed urban housing development company) and the Canberra Raiders.

He is a high-profile member of the Canberra community, with a plethora of awards and qualifications, including an Order of Australia (2004), Canberra Citizen of the Year (2008), an Honorary Doctorate (2009), ACT Walk of Honour inductee (2010) and Grand Order of Bernardo O’Higgins (Chile 2012). He has a Bachelor of Arts (Administration / Economics)

Fabio is an experienced and client-focused commercial projects lawyer. He has extensive experience advising on a wide range of property, construction and commercial agreements for both private and government clients.

Fabio leads the development of our projects team in Darwin. He is especially competent in complex design and construct projects often associated with major commercial leasing on a pre-commitment basis. He specialises in the development of joint venture agreements and other diverse agreements and contracts to deliver bespoke outcomes.

Our Delivery Partners